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Man Alive!: A Novel - Mary Kay Zuravleff

A book with great rhythm and sense of spatial perspective.


This book packs alot of allegorical punch; there is alot going on: mugging, childhood abuse, revisiting father hometown, a girlfriend (works in hospice), the procedure, etc..


However, the constant to this book, is the spatial perspective.  There is alot to relate to, but what struck me is strong presence of a ballistic rhythms, lines that read like poetic verse, and life wisdom.  Questions that arise: is the gradient of `male` patterns more contrasted given that he feels this in a biologically female form?  Does a male identity coupled with a biological male body feel less divergence? 


Although the story ends shortly after the F-to-M, the dynamo pattern does not entirely subside.  Are the pressures of a man in a female body analogous to a physically smaller than average man with above average drive?  The notion of sexual identity does not transform, as we meet the character as a man, with a girlfriend who recognizes him as such. 


I would be interested in a follow up book in five years time; to assess the flux of the `male form` on the authors rhythm, style, and spatial perspective.